Winter Travel Headache Across Southern Twin Cities – 11/15/2022

Light snow and falling temperatures resulted in several slick spots across the southern Twin Cities this evening. Several vehicles lost control and went off into the ditch, with at least one more significant injury accident occurring at the off-ramp from Hwy 77 onto southbound I-35E, where a car rolled into the ditch. MnDOT crews were busy salting and plowing area roads to counter the slick conditions developing across the region. Around 117 accidents and 64 vehicle spin-outs occurred between noon and 9 PM on November 15, 2022, according to the Minnesota State Police.
Shot Description

00:00-00:48 Multiple clips of a multi-vehicle crash on the exit ramp of Hwy 77 and I-35 southbound near Burnsville, Minnesota.

00:48-01:09 Multiple video clips of a vehicle getting towed out of the ditch after it lost control going southbound on I-35 and went off into the ditch.

01:09-01:30 Multiple clips of a MnDOT plow salting and blowing the left lane of southbound I-35.

01:30-01:40 A clip of a car that had lost control and gone way off into the ditch. I stopped to check on the older lady, she said she had never done that before in her life but was okay. No injuries, just shaken up.

01:40-02:19 Various clips of a major traffic jam on southbound I-35 south of Lakeville, Minnesota. Very icy conditions led to traffic slowing to a crawl over a several-mile stretch.

02:19-02:29 Clip of a van being towed after wrecking with Minnesota State Patrol on scene.

02:29-02:42 Video of MnDOT plow salting and plowing northbound I-35 going into Burnsville, Minnesota.

02:42-02:47 Street sign over northbound I-35 showing the exits for the I-35 split in Burnsville for north and south I-35 into Minneapolis or St Paul, Minnesota.

02:47-02:52 Video lightly snow-covered road as a car passes in the opposite direction.

SID: Will Wight
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