Minneapolis MN Metro Winter Weather wrecks traffic cameras – 11/14/2022

Autumn snowfall snarls traffic in the Minneapolis Metro causing multiple crashes on area highways. Heavy snow, poor visibility, multiple spinout and wreck scenes, emergency vehicles, congested traffic in falling snow and snow covered roads. Remote traffic camera video via MN DOT network. No audio.
Shot Description

1) Minneapolis highway sign with wet roads and snow on ground.
2) Wide shot of snow covered highway interchanges in Minneapolis metro area.
3) Heavy snow and poor visibility on highway.
4) Multi-vehicle accident scene #1
5) Multi-vehicle accident scene #2
6) Multi-vehicle accident scene #3
7) Multi-vehicle accident scene #4
8) Single vehicle accident scene.
9) Snow covered bridge and traffic.
10) Accident scene close with two fire trucks just arriving with first responders.
11) Single vehicle wreck with tow truck.
12) Multi-vehicle wreck scene.
13) Multi-vehicle accident scene with driver getting out.
14) Single vehicle accident scene with first responders walking up to car.
15) Spinout scene with first responders arriving.
16) Multi-vehicle wreck scene.
17,18,19,20) Four scenes of traffic in snow and poor visibility.
21) Flat bed towing away wrecked vehicle.
22) Traffic tight show in poor visibility in snow.
23) Intersection with US flag and snow.
24) Traffic in poor visibility in snow.
25) Accident just happed and white car with damage pulling off on shoulder.
26) Zoomed shot of damaged white car with driver and dog getting out then pullback to full accident scene.
27) Tight show off traffic in poor visibility and snow with school bus going thru frame.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
#MNWX #Winter #Snow

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