Oklahoma City receives record tying snowfall – 11/11/2022

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma received a record-tying snowfall on the evening of Friday, November 11, 2022. With 0.4 inches of snow being recorded in Oklahoma City, they tied the daily record set back in 1904. The following video captures a few clips of the moderate to at times heavy snow that fell across the City Friday evening.
Shot Description

00:00-00:80 Moderate snow falling outside the Shiki Restaurant in Oklahoma City.

00:80-00:27 Moderate snow falling along Reno Ave in Oklahoma City as a light coating begins to cover the grassy surfaces and on car hoods as cars drive by in the background.

00:27-00:59 Moderate snowfall and large snowflakes falling while driving along Reno Ave in Oklahoma City.

01:00 Moderate to heavy snow falling and being lit up by a spotlight off-screen.

SID: Chris Masters
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