Tornado Aftermath in New Boston, TX – 11/5/2022

Early Morning Significant Tornado Damage in New Boston, TX Bowie County
Shot Description

00:00 Two homes with significant amounts of damage
00:11 Wide shot catastrophic damage and debris scattered
00:29 (3 Clips) of Piles of debris from residence and shop
00:57 Business Front heavily damaged by large tornado
01:04 Inside heavily damaged home near New Boston, TX
01:12 Home with walls barely hanging on and freezer outside house
01:22 Semi trailers rolled over with debris scattered all over the ground
01:35 Semi trailer tipped up against others mounted on an angle
01:42 Sunrise in background of heavily damaged business from tornado
01:58 Roof ripped of residential home near New Boston, TX
02:07 Wide angle shot of multiple residences with very heavy damage and roofs missing
02:17 Resident homes scattered across the ground and walls ripped to shreds
02:27 Severe damage to home with heavily damaged car pushed up against home
02:37 Tree across driveway of severely damaged home
02:46 Damaged Gas Pump Awning with heavy damage in background
02:58 Roofs ripped off commercial buildings from large tornado
03:09 (2 Clips) Semi Trailers tipped over and ripped apart from the violent winds
03:25 Power pole snapped right off midway lying up against the ground with Texas Longhorn cattle in the background
03:34 Trees severely uprooted in front of a residential home

SID: Joe Idler
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