Port of Miami, Cold Rain – 10/19/2022

Cold rain and low clouds move into Miami with the first major cold front of autumn 2022 for South Florida. Temperatures in the low 60s with heavy rain and low clouds obscuring visibility at the Port of Miami and downtown Miami along Biscayne Bay. Remote camera video. No audio.
Shot Description

1) Wide shot of port of Miami in rain and low clouds with Scarlet Lady at the Virgin Voyages dock.
2) Port of Miami administration building obscured in rain and mist.
3) Carnival Ecstasy docked in heavy rain. This ship departs Thursday for the scrap yard after 31 years of service.
4) Looking downtown on US-1 traffic in gloomy cold rain and mist.
5) Skyviews ferris wheel operating in rain along Biscayne Bay.
6) Miami bay front skyline in rain and low clouds.
7) Scarlet lady at port in rain and fog.
8) Long shot of downtown traffic and commuter rail showing fog pouring in taking visibility to zero in real time.
9) FTX arena in fog and rain.
10) Low clouds and fog moving in and overtaking the port of Miami.
11) Visibility at zero at 5:50pm EDT.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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