World Famous Albuquerque, NM Balloon Fiesta Celebrates 50 Years – 10/2/2022

The city of Albuquerque skies becomes colorful as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta kicks off its 50th anniversary of its famous event.

With over 650 registered balloons and pilots from 22 countries around the world. The event began in 1972 and has turned into the biggest Hot Air Ballooning event in the world.

Day 1 weather was absolutely perfect and featured the famous “Albuquerque Box.” This weather phenomenon creates a unique weather pattern that allows balloons to fly in all different directions creating a colorful sky over Albuquerque.

The crowd was one of the largest if not THE largest crowd to ever attend the event.
Shot Description

First series of clips are Timelapses

Shot 1: Medium time lapse of the morning “Dawn Patrol.” This is where dozen or so balloons check the weather conditions just before dawn.
Shot 2: Wide time lapse of the beginning of Mass Ascension with a sun flare as the sun rose.
Shot 3: Ultra wide time lapse of hot air balloons. This time lapse also clearly shows the famous Albuquerque Box. Balloons at lower altitudes are flying away from the camera and higher altitude balloons are flying towards the camera as well as left to right.
Shot 4: Ultra wide time lapse showing balloons launching as well as the ABQ Box. Balloons launching are coming towards the camera at while balloons aloft camera left are moving away.
Shot 5: Tight time lapse of balloons.
Shot 6: Wide time lapse of 100s of hot air balloons.
Shot 7: Medium time lapse showing balloons rising and descending (ABQ Box).
Shot 8: Wide shot of ABQ Box

Begin B-roll with some NAT Sound
Shot 9&10: NAT Sound “3 2 1 ALL Burn!!!!” Shot sequence showing balloons glowing just before dawn patrol flight.
Shot 11: Wide shot of dawn patrol balloons launching with beautiful glow.
Shot 12: Medium shot of dawn patrol balloons launching with beautiful glow.
Shot 13: Tight shot of dawn patrol balloons launching with beautiful glow.
Shot 14: Wide shot of all the dawn patrol balloons glowing at same time aloft.
Shot 15: Tight shot of mass ascension beginning
Shot 16: Wide shot of mass ascension beginning
Shot 17: Tight shot of balloon with flame…making balloon glow.
Shot 18: Panning shot of formation flyover with lots of cheering and balloon flames.
Shot 19: Tight shot of several balloons inflating.
Shot 20: Wide shot of balloons launching just before sunrise.
Shot 21: Medium shot of balloons that just launched flying south.
Shot 22: Tight shot of Albuquerque Balloon (red and green)
Shot 23: Medium shot of balloon lifting off
Shot 24: Wide shot of sunrising over the balloons creating a pretty sun flare.
Shot 25: Wide shot of 100s of balloons aloft over Albuquerque
Shot 26: Tight shot of two people taking a selfie photo.
Shot 27: Panning wide shot of balloon launching
Shot 28: Wide shot of huge crowd and balloons

SID: Bryan Snider
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