Hurricane Ian – Storm Chaser Returns To Destroyed Home, Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida residents are picking up the pieces after Hurricane Ian unleashed its wrath on the city. The following video is from the city of Fort Myers as a resident goes back to see what is left of their home post-storm. The extreme winds tore homes apart, snapped trees, and resulted in a storm surge that was around 5-6 feet deep. Several homes are a complete loss and several roadways and neighborhoods still remain under several feet of water.
Shot Description

00:00 Entering a neighborhood in Fort Myers, Florida with several trees snapped and homes damaged. The camera operator can be heard crying in the background.

00:20 A couple of clips of the residents returning home and seeing the damage for the first time. Two large boats are in their front yard with one resting on their car up against the garage. The storm surge moved their car during the storm.

00:38 Slow motion panning video from inside the home. There was an estimated 5 feet of water inside the home from the storm surge.

01:02 Driving through the still flooded streets of Fort Myers, Florida where several inches of water remained. Storm damage is visible in the background including downed trees.

01:25 Video driving through some more flooded streets and several trees knocked down, then arriving at an intersection where a boat is resting on the side of the road.

01:37 Clip of more storm damage along the roadways with power crews in the background working to restore power to the city.

01:47 Video of severe tree damage and home damage along the streets of Fort Myers, Florida from Hurricane Ian.

02:03 Video driving past a neighborhood in Fort Myers that is still flooded with several feet of water with the videographer commenting “This is bad.” You can also see several damaged trees along the way.

02:21 Video of what the camera operator says was a new building in Fort Myers, FL that was completely leveled during Hurricane Ian.

02:27 Additional clip of heavy tree damage from Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, FL.

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