Hurricane Ian Massive Storm Surge Overtakes Parts Of Garden City, SC – 9/30/2022

Fast edit rush video package from right now of the second land fall of Hurricane Ian slamming into Garden City, South Carolina with another round of extreme storm surge overtaking the area. Right now our crew is on the only high and dry strip of land in the area along the coast.
Shot Description

00:00 Extreme storm surge over takes the homes and roads along the coast.
00:16 Sheriffs department truck trying to drive through the storm surge.
00:27 Massive storm surge as far as the eye can see.
00:37 Debris from houses fills the storm surge rushing on shore.
00:44 Footage from the beach side of the house as the storm surge starts to rush on shore with huge waves crashing right next to the camera.
00:51 Beach side of the surge crashing over the dune and into the homes.
01:05 Storm Surge
01:10 Residents trying to secure trash / recycle cans as the surge is rushing past them down the street.

SID: Simon Brewer Juston Drake
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