Hurricane Ian Aftermath around Osprey, FL – 9/29/2022

Hurricane Ian aftermath scenes from Osprey FL showing a huge earth anchored Walmart sign flipped upside down, roof ripped off, massive tree blocking road, compare contrast of modern roof performance to native Indian chickee hut roof, damage at Casey Key’s Blackburn Point Bridge.
Shot Description

1) Stop sign scoured at Wharf Rd and US-41 near Sarasota Co fire dept.
2-6) Five shots of Osprey Walmart’s massive sign hanging upside down ripped off foundation.
7,8) Billboard sign damage.
9-11) More sign damage.
12-15) Four shots of roof damage, with roof peeled off house. Conventional construction.
16) Native Indian chickee hut roof intact on Little Sarasota Bay.
17-19) Massive tree with power pole blocking Vamo Dr.
20) Palm tree down and fir tree stripped of branches.
21-22) Utility pole severed.
23) Power lines dangling over road with guy riding bike under and car pulling away.
24-34) Eleven scenes of damage at Casey Key Blackburn point bridge. Signal damage.
35,36) Two shots of bent flag pole and tattered US flag at Casey Key Blackburn point bridge.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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