Port Miami FL Tropical Stormy Timelapse With Cruise Ships – 9/14/2022

Day into night time-lapse video of heavy tropical showers rolling off the Atlantic into and over the Port of Miami Florida. Wide aerial view of the entire port from 690 feet up looking down at Port Miami. Remote camera video. No audio.
Shot Description

1) Wide shot of Port Miami as storms brew offshore over Atlantic.
2) Storms roll towards and over the port.
3) Rain shafts move over the port.
4) Rain entirely engulfs camera sending visibility to zero.
5) Rain briefly clears.
6) Construction underway at new MSC terminal at Port Miami.
7) View looking at South Beach over Palm Island and Star Island.
8) Another storm rolls in off Atlantic and engulfs the port again sending visibility to zero. Lightning flash.
9) Rain clears as sun sets to west behind camera.
10) Evening to dusk transition.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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