Tornado Over Open Field with Time-lapse, Prinsburg, MN – 8/28/2022

Large high base very photogenic tornado touched down between Clara City and Prinsburg, MN this evening.

The tornado was on the ground with weak rotation over farm fields and there was some small debris that could be seen spinning around the base of the tornado.

Footage starts out driving towards the tornado and then free handing the camera while calling the National Weather Service office to report the tornado on the ground. Footage continues with various cameras shooting timelapse of the storm motion.
Shot Description

00:00 – Driving towards the tornado while going south on 160th Avenue Southeast.

01:19 – Free-handing the camera while trying to call the National Weather Service with my other hand to report the tornado. Footage shot with a 12mm lens and looked up at the cloud base and then back down.

01:36 – Free-handing the camera with the left hand while on the phone with the National Weather Service with the right hand and calling in the tornado report.

02:45 – Tripoded view of the tornado moving off to the east.

03:00 – Time-Lapse view of the tornado moving off to the east from Camera 1 just before sunset.

03:25 – Time-Lapse view of the tornado moving off to the east just after sunset (notice white-balance shift) as the tornado fades away.

03:53 – Time-Lapse view from the Red Komodo of the storm system after the tornado dissipated.

SID: Doug Kiesling
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