Dust Storm and Dust Devil – Apple Valley, California – 7/30/2022

Video from the outflow from showers and storms in the Apple Valley, California that resulted in the development of a dust storm and dust devil around 5 PM on Saturday, July 30, 2022. The video shows a dust devil track down the road about 50 feet from the videographer, and then over a neighbor’s house where you can see the trees are blown back and some garbage cans are blown over.
Shot Description

00:00 Winds begin to pick up and visibility begins to drop in the background as the dust works towards the camera.

00:11 The leading edge of the outflow arrives as the gate on the fence is banging from being blown around. Dust is being kicked up just before a dust devil tracks about 50 feet in front of the camera.

00:21 Dust devil tracking over neighbor’s houses and knocking over garbage cans and blowing around the trees and dissipating off in the distance.

00:40 Another strong gust of wind from the outflow of the thunderstorms results in another curtain of sand and dirt being whipped down the street.

SID: Everette Eyre
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