Severance, CO Supercell Time Lapse and Hail Damage – 7/27/2022

Several supercells formed across the Front Range impacting the I-25 corridor with large hail and torrential rainfall. Timelapse of the mesocyclone evolution as the storm approached Severance, CO near between Greeley and Ft Collins.
Shot Description

1. Distant supercell approaches
2. Close up of wall cloud and mesocyclone base
3. Looking overhead as rotating features battle the cold outflow that has undercut ithe storm
4. Heavy rain shafts
5. Pan up into storm base overhead
6. Cars driving through rain and hail
7. Cars driving in heavy rain
8. Road flooding in Severance, CO
9. American flag, lighting, road flooding
10. Overwhelmed street drain
11. Leaves falling from tree after sever hailstorm
12. Crop Damage
13. Badly damaged Corn
14. Completely destroyed corn crop from 1-2′ hail

SID: Terrence Cook
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