Kadoka, South Dakota Wind Driven Hail With 80+ MPH Winds And Damage 6/14/2022

Major Supercell slams Kadoka, SD with 80-90mph wind driven tennisball/baseball size hail. Also had 6-7minutes of 60-70mph sustained with torrential rains. Power going out.
Captured several scenes of damage throughout Kadoka, SD with a Semi blown over, structure demolished/collapsed, snapped trees, debris in road.
Shot Description

00:00 – 01:16 – Tennis/baseball hail wind driven with major gust up to 80-90mph with then another long duration gust causing power outages.
01:16 – 02:07 – Hail/Wind slamming gas station causing power to go out several times. Winds sustained at times over 70mph
02:07 – 02:31 – High winds with rain streaming across lot
02:31 – 02:58 – Winds streaming past car at over 60mph
02:58 – 03:10 – semi turned on its side
03:10 – 03:26 – Mill/Structure collapse
03:26 – 03:46 – Zoomed in shots of damages structure/mill collapse
03:46 – 04:05 – Cilo/mill debris up against house on main street after being blown off.
04:05 – 04:19 – Wide angle shot with debris hanging from powerlines and material up against house.
04:19 – END – Snapped tree branches laying in middle of main street.

SID: David Baxter III

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