Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse – St Cloud, MN – 5/15/2022

Clips from the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in St Cloud, MN.
Shot Description

00:00 – Moon rise at 8:30 local time as the sun was still setting.
08:00 – Tight shot of the moon just above the horizon with the hue and deformed look as it was being obscured by the dense atmosphere.
00:16 – Start of the Lunar Eclipse with the lower left of the moon beginning to get darker.
00:25 – The moon passing over the top of a church with an Owl the mast work as the darkening moon moves behind the scene.
00:35 – A Cross at the top of the church with the Owl as the darkening moon passes behind the Cross.
00:54 – The moon is now half darken as the eclipse progresses.
01:04 – The moon is now 3/4 of the way to the total eclipse.
01:17 – The final phase as the moon becomes eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow.
01:27 – Four different clips of the moon in its total eclipse phase where it became hard to see with the naked eye at its peak point in the shadow of the earth.
2:53 – Various clips of the moon coming out of the earths shadow and back to a full bright moon.

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