Vivid Lightning and Flash Flooding, St Cloud, MN – 5/12/2022

Severe thunderstorms with vivid lightning, hail, high winds and flash flooding hit the St Cloud metro area during the mid day hours.

Incredible lightning footage shot on Red at 120FPS

Footage of storm sewers backing up and blowing the manhole covers off.

Roads flooded with stranded cars and scary looking clouds.
Shot Description

00:00 – 00:44 – Lightning shot at 120 FPS on global shutter Red Cinema Camera.
00:44 – 01:11 – Lightning shot at 30 FPS on global shutter Red Cinema Camera.
01:11 – 01:23 – Lightning and lowering – wall cloud inflow.
01:23 – 01:42 – Timelapse of clouds and lowering moving from right to left as the storm system moved into the metro area.
01:42 – 02:06 – Storm moving in and air raid sirens sounding in Saint Cloud (footage by Neva Andersen).
02:06 – 02:28 – Rushing to take cover in the hail storm that is now starting to hit the area.
02:28 – 02:43 – Storm Sewer backing up and shooting up like a geyser.
02:43 – 02:57 – Manhole cover blow off a storm drain and the water shooting out of the large drain like a geyser in the middle of the road.
02:57 – 03:24 – Two clips of small hail piled up a half hour later on Veterans Drive.
03:24 – 04:14 – Massive flooding covering Veterans Drive with stalled out cars and cars still trying to drive through the flooding.
04:14 – 04:36 – Flooding on 9th Avenue as a car drives through the flooding.

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