Colorado springs, CO Wildfire Spreads Fast in Extreme Conditions – 4/22/2022

A fire starts in a dry field and comes dangerously close to homes during extreme fire weatherconditions in Colorado Springs, Colo. on April 22, 2022.
Shot Description

00:00 – Closeup of firefighter tending to a charred field with flames in the background

00:15 – Midshot of firefighter and vehicle in charred field with smoke billowing behind

00:22 – Midshot of firefighting vehicle with flames in the background

00:31 – Flames shooting up over field

00:49 – Wide overview shot of smoke and wildfire

01:01 – Fire near creek with firefighters arriving in vehicle

01:15 – Mid shot of firefighters carrying hoses to a flareup

01:32 – Tight shot of firefighters with hoses extinguishing flarup

01:42 – Mid shot of smoke pouring out of riverbed

01:50 – Bystander with fire extinguisher trying to put out hotspots

02:02 – Bystanders with fire extinguishers watch smoke after putting out hotspots

02:09 – Fresh fire climbing up trees

02:38 – Firefighter tending to burning trees with hose

02:59 – Billowing smoke in distance arriving to fire

03:11 – Firetruck driving through traffic

03:24 – Heavy smoke as firefighters hose down fire

03:32 – Midshot of firefighters grabbing equipment from firefighting vehicle

03:40 – Tight shot of firefighters grabbing equipment from firefighting vehicle

03:49 – Of group of firefighters tending to fire

SID: Trevor Cokley
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