Mark Rackley, Raw Ultimate Extreme Underwater and Wildlife Encounters

Authorized Stock Footage from Mark Rackley, cinematographer for various productions such as MTV Jackass and WildBoyz, Discovery Channel Shark Week, Bahama Blue and numerous other commercial projects.

Mark has asked the crew at SCV to help represent his older footage for his archive cataloging that was shot with Manny Puig.

00:00 – This footage includes hand feeding a Hammerhead Shark and being stalked by a Hammerhead Shark and being pulled along while holding onto the Dorsal fin of the shark.

03:31 – Manny Puig Atlantic Goliath Grouper encounter.

04:58 – Alligator growling and hissing at the camera.

05:05 – Scuba diving with sharks swarming around.

05:22 – Topside footage of a shark circling the boat and attacking the boat.

05:40 – Diver jumping into the water as a boat propeller moves away from the scene.

05:54 – Various scenes of Manny jumping off the boat onto a shark, above and bellow the water with one where he was bit by a shark.

07:15 – Feeding sharks underwater by hand.

09:28 – Getting too close to a Bear.

10:39 – Handing feeding sharks.

11:14 – Manny showing off the aftermath of getting too close to the sharks.

11:29 – Manny and Mark free diving in a swamp with Alligators and lifting them up.

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