Dothan AL House Fire – 4/17/2022

Residential home engulfed in large fiery flames in Dothan, AL on Easter Sunday – 4/17/2022
Shot Description

00:00 Dothan fire crews unravel fire hoses and start to put out fire
00:21 Dothan, AL fire crews hosing down hotspots on outside of home while others are putting on their gear to enter home
01:30 Smoke engulfing home as fire is being drowned with water
01:40 Dothan Fire Department entering burning home with water hoses
02:04 Firefighter kneeling down gearing up with mask outside burning home
02:26 Zoomed in shot of firefighter Taylor on the deck of burning home
02:31 Firefighters getting another hose ready outside burning home
02:43 Firefighters bringing fan to front of burning home to help with removing smoke from inside home
02:47 Deputy Fire Chief Letheredge outside burning home while firefighters are continuing to put out the fire
03:00 Fire personnel helping by giving tools to the firefighters fighting the blaze
03:16 (3 Clips) Firefighter hosing down hotspot outside on the awning
03:55 (6 Clips) Fire engines and emergency personnel vehicles outside burning home
04:34 (4 Clips) Residents of home being taken care of by emergency personnel after being burned in fire
05:13 Hero firefighter trying to remove burning debris off deck falls and hurts his ankle and gets helped by his fellow teammates back to the firetruck to assess his ankle

SID: Michael Gordon

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