Arabi – New Orleans, LA Tornado Aftermath From A Drone 3/23/2022

4K Aftermath of the New Orleans, LA Tornado. Drone Footage-Large Tornado wreaks havoc on Arabi in New Orleans, LA
Shot Description

00:00 Home wiped clean off foundation

00:08 Up close shot of house destroyed

00:17 Debris scattered across yards

00:26 Overhead view looking into home with no roof

00:31 Panoramic shot of snapped street lights and demolished businesses

00:39 Fly over of demolished homes showing home off foundation

01:00 Homes completely pushed across street off foundation

01:11 Up high view of damage path

01:20 Over main road looking down at destroyed businesses

01:28 Street view of scattered debris homes barely standing

01:46 Damage path survey

02:04 Car slammed up against house with no roof

02:14 Man on second floor of house with no roof

02:27 Scattered debris all over roadway

02:36 Trees down over roadway with debris scattered

02:45 Zoomed in shot of house in pieces

02:56 round shot of home completely off foundation

03:05 Fly by shot over roadway with damaged businesses

03:16 Zoom out shot of an upstairs of house with no roof

03:25 Fly by shot of damage and debris scattered across the yards

03:41 Zoom in on damaged business

03:51 Homes and businesses wrecked

04:04 Overhead shot of damage

04:16 Panoramic shot of devastated neighborhood

04:33 zoom out from above of damaged buildings

04:50 Damage path fly by

SID: Michael Gordon
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