Rice Lake, WI Winter Storm – 2/22/2022

A winter storm continues to slam northwestern Wisconsin today. The heavy snow started around noon. All schools were canceled today for the winter storm. So far as of 2:27 PM we have about 6 inches of snow. We still have heavy snow falling.

Shot Description
Clip 1. Heavy snow starting to fall.
Clip 2. Heavy snow falling, and its starting to stick to the trees.
Clip 3. Heavy snow falling with a street sign in the foreground.
Clip 4. Heavy snow falling with a different batch of trees.
Clip 5. Dashcam footage of downtown Rice Lake.
Clip 6. Stoplights starting to get covered in snow.
Clip 7. Traffic on main street with tires kicking up snow.
Clip 8. Another shot of main street with heavy snow falling.
Clip 9. Heavy snow falling.
Clip 10. A snowplow driving through the shot.
Clip 11. Dashcam footage out in the county.
Clip 12. Round haybales with heavy snow falling.
Clip 13. Blowing snow on a county road.
Clip 14. Camera sitting on the road to capture the blowing snow.
Clip 15. A flag blowing in the wind.
Clip 16. Heavy snow fall with pines trees in the background.

SID: Dirk Miller
To License This Footage For Broadcast, Contact Video @ StormChasingVideo.com

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