Powerful Ground Blizzard Whiteout Conditions Shuts Down Fargo, ND Roads – 2/18/2022

Blizzard warnings in effect for the Red River Valley of ND/MN. Video shows dangerous whiteout travel conditions on I-29 which is now closed from Fargo, ND to the Canadian border. Wind gusts have been measured at over 60 mph in the area today. Video starts in Argusville, ND, 15 miles north of Fargo with an aerial display showing how isolated the low visibility is in a ground blizzard to the surface levels. The videographer then works his way back to Fargo on I-29 where low visibility persists.
Shot Description

1) A drone view from 100 feet shows the blowing snow on the surface with blue skies above in Argusville, ND
2) Very high winds shown on Highway 81 in Argusville
3) Approaching the interstate 29 overpass with very low visibility
4) Views from the I-29 on ramp, very strong winds and white out conditions, vehicles seen disappearing only feet in front of camera.
5) Slow travel in complete whiteout conditions on I-29
6) Interstate 29 closed signs with views of blowing snow on the Interstate
7) A few views of general traffic in north Fargo. Vehicles exiting now closed I-29 at 19th Ave N
8) I-29 in town south of closure point
9) Highway 81 parallel with Hector International Airport and I-29

SID: Jason Bednar
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