Massive Multi Vehicle Pileup On Interstate 55 – Towanda, IL – 2/17/2022

Massive 50 plus vehicle pileup from blizzard conditions shuts down I-55 in Towanda, IL. Many wrecked and stranded vehicles with blizzard conditions and emergency workers.

All footage shot in/near Towanda, IL during evening daylight and darkness on February 17, 2022 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-13. various shots of multiple wrecked vehicles in massive pileup on I-55 in Towanda, IL

14. firemen work to help wrecked and stranded vehicles on I-55 in Towanda, IL

15-19. various shots of crews towing and dragging vehicles in massive pileup on I-55 in Towanda, IL

20-23. various shots of tractor trailers wrecked on highways around Towanda, IL

24-28. multiple wrecked vehicles littered on shut down I-55 in Towanda, IL after dark with heavy blowing snow

SID: Simon Brewer
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