Heavy Snow and Slick Roads, Boulder County, CO – 2/11/2022

A Winter Storm along Colorado’s Front Range outperformed the forecast with many areas receiving 6″ when expecting 2-3″.

Shot Description
1. Crashed vehicle stuck in traffic with firetruck arriving on scene
2. Vehicle damage from wreck in heavy snow
3. Vehicle crash on Highway 7 with Emergency Responders
4. Snowplow
5. Snowplow in traffic
6. Emergency vehicles respond to wreck
7. Shoveling snow in Boulder
8. Bicycle rider in Winter wonderland
9. Cinematic snow shot
10. Rack focus on falling snow
11. Snow falling on shopping cart
12. Empty street with falling snow
13. Windshield wipers set outward
14. RV in Snow
15. Boulder Canyon in snowfall
16. Warning sign for Boulder Canyon Icy Roads
17. Traffic backing up as roads worsen
18. Slow traffic in Boulder Canyon
19. Traffic in light snow at night
20. Focus rack from snow to pedestrians in Lafayette, CO

SID: Terrence Cook
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