Winter Storm Wicked Travel Headache Oklahoma City Metro – 2/2/2022

Winter storm causes travel headache across the Oklahoma City metro on February 2, 2022. Numerous car accidents were reported all across the metro due to the very slick icy road conditions.
In this video you will find several clips of crashed vehicles, plow crews, emergency vehicles responding to wrecks.
Shot Description

00:00 Large van on its side that crashed into a light pole.

00:29 Front end of a Nissan Truck that crashed.

00:28 A Mazda stuck airborne between two sides of a ditch and hanging in the air.

00:58 Dash camera of EMS passing by in the snowy conditions on I35.

01:15 Several clips of a Mercedes Benz that crashed and was stuck in a deep ditch.

01:50 Smashed up Chrysler with the front passenger wheel almost fallen off.

02:04 POV Snow Plow.

SID: Chris Masters
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