Post Winter Storm Scenes Across, New Lenox Illinois – 2/3/2022

Post winter storm scenes from New Lenox, Illinois where they received 10-12″ of snow across the region. The following video has scenes of a car in the ditch, Illinois DoT plows clearing the road and salting, neighbors digging out from the heavy snow, and various winter scenes from across the area.
Shot Description

00:00 – Video of car that lost control and was stuck in the ditch.

00:19 – Several shots of neighbor digging out from the several inches of snow.

00:40 – Winter scenes from the Walker County Estates Park with I-80 on ramp in the background.

01:10 – Panning shot of the fresh deep snow with snow removal vehicle in the background.

01:15 – Couple winter scenes from the New Lenox area of snow covered trees after a fresh snowfall.

01:33 – Illinois DoT plow truck passing by

01:41 – Scenes of the snow piled high in a neighborhood after 10-12″ of fresh snow fell with he last clip of a neighbor clearing the remainder of his drive of snow with a shovel.

02:00 – More winter scenes of the fresh snowfall on trees with a frozen stream as the video pans slowly off to the right.

02:13 – Video of a Canadian National train going through a railroad crossing with fresh snow piled along the road.

02:25 – Winter scenes from another area park in New Lenox of the fresh snowfall and a partial frozen stream flowing through the ice.

02:38 – Close up look at the fresh snow that has fallen with the partially frozen flowing stream below, and a slow pan up to end the video.

SID: Nick Barker
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