Ground Blizzard, Stranded Vehicles, Blowing Snow In Fargo, ND – 2/1/2022

A blizzard warning was issued this morning for eastern North Dakota for ground blizzard conditions due to high winds and a little fresh snow overnight, and visibility was reduced to a quarter mile at times. Video from the blizzard warned area includes low visibility scenes, lots of blowing snow, stranded vehicles in ditches and sundogs along Interstate 29, just north of Fargo, ND near Gardner, ND. A few drone clips are included as well, showing an aerial perspective of the blowing snow and sundogs from above.
Shot Description

1) Traveling on Interstate 29 shows the low visibility in open areas

2) Vehicle in center median in blowing snow

3) Blowing snow racing across Highway 81

4) Walking on overpass above I-29 showing the blowing snow fading into vibrant sundogs

5) Drone over a stranded vehicle with plow entering I-29

6) Drone shots showing the snow blowing across the Interstate and nearby terrain

7) Driving on Highway 81 with bright blowing snow

8) Driving on Interstate 29, showing traffic conditions with blowing snow

SID: Jason Bednar
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