Crews Restoring Power and Blizzard Clean Up, Plymouth MA – 1/30/2022

Power crews work towards restoring electricity to the Plymouth, MA area, while residents continue to dig out after the blizzard.
Shot Description

0:00- Power crews work on utility poles if an effort to restore power to areas in Plymouth, MA affected by yesterday’s blizzard.
0:23- A home owner clears very deep snow from his driveway with a snow blower in Plymouth, MA
0:41- Drive by shot of homes surrounded by very deep snow, along with residents digging out in Plymouth, MA.
0:59- Residents digging out after the blizzard, pedestrian navigating snow covered sidewalks in Plymouth, MA.
1:38- Deep snow drifts block a door to a restaurant and completely bury the staircase leading to it in Plymouth, MA.
1:48- Ground level shot of residents snow blowing their way down a sidewalk as the camera pans out reveling feet of snow on either side of the path.
2:01- Cars completely buried in very deep snow in a car lot in Plymouth, MA.
2:16- Various shots of residents digging out after the blizzard in Plymouth, MA.

SID: Scott McPartland
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