Skid Steer Recovery From Staples Lake, Cumberland, WI – 1/24/2022

A skid steer dropped through Staples lake on Saturday. The skid steer was sitting in about 5 to 7 feet of water. The operator might have hit a pressure ridge. There was two layers of ice. One could put their hand between the layers which leads me to believe it was a pressure ridge. The rest of the lake has about 15 to near 20 inches of ice on it. There are no known currents or springs in the area that the skid steer went through. The operator of the skid steer was able to make it out alive with no injuries.
Shot Description

Clip 1.Part of the skid steer sitting above the ice.
Clip 2. Close up shot of part of the skid steer above the ice.
Clip 3. The crew starting to pull the recovery equipment towards the lake.
Clip 4. The crew pulling the recovery equipment onto the ice.
Clips 5-7. The crew cutting the ice into chunks.
Clip 8.The crew pushing the ice chunks under the main ice sheet.
Clip 9. The crew hooking up chains to the skid steer.
Clips 10 -12. The crew starting to pull the skid steer towards the recovery equipment.
Clip 13. The crew pulling the skid steer out of the water.
Clips 14-15. The crew pulling the skid steer towards the shoreline.

SID: Dirk Miller

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