Extremely Icy and Steep Hill Defeats Multiple Vehicles In Monument, CO – 1/21/2022

A steep and extremely icy hill claims multiple vehicles during a bout of wintery weather on Jan. 21, 2022 in Monument, Colo.
Shot Description

00:00 – Overview of icy hill with many cars slid into the ditch

00:09 – SUV in ditch resting on tree

00:14 – Pickup in ditch resting on tree

00:19 – Sedan resting on edge of road nearly in steep ditch

00:25 – Driver of one of the stuck vehicles talking to good Samaritan and firefighter on plan to rescue truck

00:35 – Samaritan and firefighter pulling a winch wire

00:41 – Firefighter pulling winch wire down steep road to vehicle

00:48 – View downhill with multiple vehicles stuck, along with vehicle they’re attaching winch too

00:56 – Pickup being pulled uphill by winch rope

01:05 – Daisy chain of vehicles consisting of pickup truck pulling an suv pulling the stuck pickup uphill

01:16 – Plow sanding and plowing downhill with stranded vehicles to either side

01:29 – Plow sanding and plowing downhill with stranded vehicles on both sides

01:36 – Shot of the back of plow laying down sand for tire traction

01:43 – USPS van fishtailing on icy turn (dashcam)

01:52 – Pickup truck fishtailing on icy turn (dashcam)

02:07 – SUV takes turn too fast and slides across intersection

02:21 – Sedan struggles up hill, spinning tires

02:34 – SUV slides into intersection

02:47 – Pickup truck slides into intersection

02:57 – Sedan slides during a failed turn on red, decides to go straight instead

03:10 – Hatchback slides into intersection

SID: Trevor Cokley
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