Winter Storm Traffic Chaos As Dozens Of Semi’s Stuck, Roanoke, VA – 1/16/2022

Virginia Winter Storm Traffic Nightmare
Shot Description

00:00 Car stuck on side of road and VA DOT trying to pull him out
00:20 Car spinning around on I-40 near Greensboro, NC
00:26 Car stuck in piles of snow and a group of people stop to help get him out
00:37 Semi abandoned on the side of I-81 near Salem, VA
00:45 Another semi abandoned a few miles down on I-81 near Salem, VA
00:53 Semi jack knifed on Hwy 220 near Boones Mill, VA
01:04 Police Officer stopping traffic to allow the tow truck to back up to the semi
01:09 Traffic at a stand still on Hwy 220 waiting for the tow truck to free jack knifed semi
01:15 I-81 near Salem, VA bumper to bumper traffic as the state was diverting traffic
01:27 Lines of semis moving slowly on I-81 near Pulaski, VA
01:42 Stuck semi with police officer responding off I-81 on an exit ramp near Pulaski, VA
01:52 Tow trucks ready to help with any vehicles that might slide off the road
01:58 Truck spun off the road and into the ditch on I-81 near Christianburg, VA
02:03 Very heavy snowfall on I-81 near Christianburg, VA
02:11 Rest Area on I-81 near Salem, VA is jam packed and no one can move

SID: Michael Gordon
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