Winter Storm Travel Nightmare, Charlotte, NC – 1/16/2022

Winter Storm dumps snow and ice across North Carolina causing major traffic problems
Shot Description

00:00 Minivan slides off road near Hendersonville, NC and cant get enough traction to get back on the road
00:23 National Guard recovering a jack knifed semi truck and getting it back on the road
00:41 Car slides off the snow covered road and is completely turned around as bystanders are trying to help push it back on the road
00:48 Grader clearing roadway for semi stuck on I-85
01:01 Car on I-85 near Charlotte, NC stuck
01:06 Plows lined up in a set of 3 clearing I-85 near Charlotte, NC
01:14 Early morning plows trying to keep I-26 clear
01:21 Heavy snowfall on I-26
01:31 Heavy snow coming down at Tennessee North Carolina state line
01:44 Watch for slow moving vehicle sign in heavy snow
01:52 Motor Graders clearing I-26 from heavy snow
01:59 Plows clearing snow and ice from I-85 near Charlotte, NC
02:13 Heavy snowfall low visibility
02:21 Car stuck on I-26
02:25 Low visibility with slow moving traffic on I-26
02:48 Semi stuck on guardrail median near Hendersonville, NC
02:57 Semi jack knifed on I-26 near Hendersonville, NC
03:16 Vehicle trying to gain traction I-26 near Hendersonville, NC
03:31 State Trooper assessing wreck on I-85 near Charlotte, NC

SID: Michael Gordon
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