Ford Ranger Recovery From Under Long Lake Ice , Washburn County, WI 1/7/2022

This morning’s low was 21 below zero. There are still many areas on the local lakes that still remain unsafe. The morning of 01/07/2022 around 6:30 AM. A Ford Ranger dropped through the ice on The Narrows which is a part of Long Lake. The truck was in about 8 feet of water. Both the driver and passenger were able to get out safely. The temp was around 7 to 5 below zero for most of the recovery. This video package will show the vehicle recovery.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A shot of where the Ford Ranger went through the ice this morning.
Clip 2. A closer shot of where the truck went through the ice. You can see the roof of the truck under the new formed ice.
Clips 3-5. Britt is cutting the ice into chunks.
Clips 6-7. Shows Miles pushing the ice chunks under the main ice sheet. Steam rising from the water.
Clip 8. Close up shot of the truck in the water with steam rising from the water.
Clip 9. A tow truck from CCT Towing waiting to assist in pulling the truck onto shore.
Clip 10. Britt pushing ice chunks under the main ice sheet.
Clip 11. Britt having some fun while working. Might as well have some fun in the cold.
Clips 12-14. The truck slowing being pulled towards the shore.
Clip 15. The crew removing the tow straps, and hooking up the chain, and the J-hooks.
Clip 16. The truck being pulled onto the shore.
Clip 17. CCT Towing’s truck who assisted with this recovery.
Clip 18-19. The truck being pulled onto the flatbed.
Clip 20. The vehicle extraction equipment that hasn’t been used yet. But will be on one of these recoveries.

SID: Dirk Miller
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