Minnesota Extreme Cold Weather – 1/7/2021

Extreme cold blankets Minnesota and makes outdoor activities pretty much non existent with wind chills in the -40F’s in parts of the state and air temps in the -30F’s in areas around Brainerd where our automated camera recorded just shy of -36F just before sunrise.

Schools for the area where canceled or switched to remote learning as the wind chills where dangerously cold to allow children to go to both public and private schools this morning.

Additional footage around the city of St. Cloud, MN where it looked more like a ghost town in areas that would normally have people playing in the parks in the skating rinks where deserted.
Shot Description

00:00 – The first two clips are from Brainerd, MN where just before sunrise our automated live camera showed the temps where just shy of -36F.

00:17 – The remaining clips are from around Saint Cloud, MN. Footage from the remaining open water on the Mississippi River where steam is rising from the open water in the -20F air temp at the time of the video.

00:35 – Just after 10AM this morning the air temp was being reported on a automated sign of -11F

00:41 – Just after noon another automated time and temp sign showed it was -12F outside.

00:50 – It was so cold that the train track crossing guard malfunctioned where one of the crossing guards would stay up and another would stay down with the lights flashing but no train was anywhere in sight as traffic backed up until they decided to go after making sure it was safe.

2:12 – Empty Skating Rinks in a St. Cloud Park.

2:37 – Time and Temp at just after 1PM still showing -7F at the Saint Cloud Technical College.

2:47 – Four clips of drone footage over the open water on the Mississippi River where the steam was coming up almost 100 feet up before it fell back as a dusting of snow.

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