Danger Thin Ice – Chetek WI Snowmobile Recovery – 1/3/2022

Despite the cold weather we have been having, a snowmobile went through the ice on New Years day. The snowmobile went through around dark that evening. Where the snowmobile wet through, there is a river/channel that connects Mud Lake to Lynda’s Lake aka The Narrows. Ice conditions ranged from 3 to 4 inches to around inch of ice in this area. This made for a dangerous ice recovery. The snowmobile was sitting in about 11 feet or so of water. Good news is there were no injuries reported.

Shot Description

Clip 1. Shows the area where the snowmobile went through the ice.
Clip 2. Shows running water not to far from us.
Clips 3-4. Britt cutting the ice out so they can start the recovery process.
Clips 5-6. The crew pushing the boat out to locate the snowmobile with an underwater camera.
Clips 7-8. The crew hooking up snowmobile with the aid of the underwater camera.
Clip 9. The crew pulling up the snowmobile so they can get it better hooked.
Clip 10. The crew hooking to more of a secure spots on the snowmobile.
Clip 11. Some of the crew pulling the snowmobile onto the ice, while two of the crew members are pushing and lifting the backside of the snowmobile.
Clip 12. Shows the snowmobile on the ice.
Clip 13. The snowmobile being towed off the ice, onto the shore then towards the parking lot.

SID: Dirk Miller

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