Snow Plow Recovery and Winter Storm Cleanup, Boone, NC – 1/3/2022

Winter Storm buries Boone, NC with over 9″ of heavy wet snow
Shot Description

00:00 Plow truck runs off side of road while plowing
00:16 Plow Truck being towed up and out of the ditch
00:23 Man shoveling in front of his business
00:29 Hoisting Plow Truck up onto the road to be towed
00:40 Gusty winds blowing across Hwy in Boone, NC
00:47 Commercial plow company plowing parking lot
00:51 Commercial plow truck plowing parking lot
00:58 High winds blow snow across highway
01:11 High winds blowing snow out of trees with fast moving clouds above
01:19 4 Clips of drone views above Boone, NC showing the cleanup and amount of snow

SID: Michael Gordon
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