Plow Struggles Up Icy Offramp During New Years Eve Snow Storm – Colorado Springs, CO 12/31/21

Colorado Springs receives its first snowfall creating extremely icy conditions with blowing snow causing cars to become stuck on the exit off I-25 onto Baptist Road on Dec. 31, 2021 in Colorado Springs, Colo. The winter storm, comes late on New Years Eve for Colorado Springs, marking the first snowfall of the 2021-2022 season.
Shot Description

00:00 – Plow spins tires and struggles up offramp (I-25 to Baptist Road)

00:10 – Tighter shot of plow spinning tires

00:20 – Jeep pulls semi up off ramp

00:28 – Car being pushed by another driver, floors it while spinning tires, passing plow

00:38 – Wide shot of shenanigans on offramp

00:52 – Heavy snow while person pushes car up offramp

01:02 – SUV driving nearly sideways without any traction

01:12 – Minivan being pushed, flooring it with spinning tires

01:25 – Stuck semi spins tires

01:36 – Jeep trying to pull another semi

01:48 – Another plow clearing the offramp and laying down sand

SID: Trevor Cokley

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