Fire Fighters Battling A Structure Fire IN Sub Zero Temps – 12/31/2021

A fire broke out in subzero weather at a mobile home on Waco Ln in Fargo, ND, today around 11:00 AM. Several firefighters were on scene fighting the fire while also fighting the very cold temperatures and wind chill. The Fargo NDAWN official reading in Fargo during the time of the fire was an air temp of -15F and a wind chill temp of -36F.
Shot Description

1) Smoke strongly billows out at a firefighter taking a measurement near the fire.

2) Close ups of firefighters kneeling down to spray up into the structure.

3) Firefighters speaking with a member of the public, steam rising off of firefighter’s head

4) Various angles of more firefighters in action

5) Temp sign from a north Fargo elementary school.

SID: Jason Bednar
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