Hayti, Missouri Tornado Cycloidal Ground Scouring & Interview Broll 12/12/2021

Drone shots of cycloidal ground scouring marks over field (ground swirls from violent longtrack tornado) and damage in/near Hayti, MO, including interview with storm chaser Michael Gordon.

All footage shot by Professional Storm Chaser Michael Gordon in/near Hayti, MO in evening daylight on December 12, 2021.
Shot Description

1-4. Interview with Storm Chaser Michael Gordon describing longtrack, violent tornado, which passed him on night near Hayti, MO causing ‘swirling ground scouring marks’ over a field called, “Cycloidal Scouring”

5. long drone shot of ‘cycloidal ground scouring’ over fields in Hayti, MO

6. shots of utility line repair and damage in Hayti, MO

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