Winter Storm Impacts Duluth Minnesota – 12/5/2021

A snow storm impacted the Upper Midwest on Sunday, December 5, 2021 which included the city of Duluth, MN. This storm brought moderate to heavy snow, strong winds, rough scenes, freezing rain, and graupel to the city of Duluth. The following video includes the impacts of this storm ranging from cars in the ditch to families trying to enjoy the Duluth Outdoor Winter Village and Christmas Light Show in the elements, a ship anchored seeking shelter in the bay, and the men and women busy working hard to keep the city of Duluth clear of snow.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Clip of a vehicle that had lost control and went into the ditch after hitting a slick patch on the road with Minnesota State Police on the scene on I-35 southbound just south of Duluth, MN.
Shot 2: Plow trucks clearing snow on southbound I-35 just south of Duluth, MN.
Shots 3-8: Collection of clips from the Duluth Winter Village while patrons battled the elements of windswept graupel and snow.

Shots 9-17: Collection of clips of the wind and waves from Duluth’s famous Lift Bridge. Within these clips you will see the cargo ship, Spirit Lake anchored just offshore seeking shelter from the storm. You will also find videos of the high seas and waves breaking on the shore.

Shots 18-24: Various clips of Duluth municipalities trying to keep up with the falling snow and trying to keep roads, highways, sidewalks, and parking lots clear.

Shots 25-27: Video from the Lift Bridge during dusk, as snow falls in the spotlights on the bridge, visible in the lighted canal markers, and an older couple takes a small stroll along the canal enjoying the falling snow.

Shots 28-31: Collection of clips from the Bentleyville “Tour of Lights” as friends and families came together in the wind and snow to enjoy the lights.

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