Fully customizable Loudness Meter For ALL Mixers & Producers 🎨 | DECIBEL by Process.Audio

Upgrade your studio by adding fully customizable real-time metering displays (iOS / Android) on your desk.

Designed by award-winning engineers, Decibel features an extensive selection of meters in a completely customizable and resizable user interface. Configure as many or as few meters as desired and resize each one within the window. You can even select a custom color scheme.

Available meters include LUFS, Digital Peak and RMS, VU, Phase Scope, Spectrum Analyzer, Histogram and Target Validators for LUFS, LRA and Integrated LUFS. Also included is the Super Meter, which combines LUFS, True Peak Max and PROCESS.AUDIO’s own TrueDyn, the most accurate dynamic range measurement available today.

Decibel is a game-changer for tracking, mixing, mastering, video soundtrack creation or any audio post-production audio task. It’s poised to become the audio metering companion for every engineer and recording musician.

Learn more: https://process.audio/en/products/decibel

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