Epic Real Time Aurora Pretending To Be A Severe Thunderstorm. Extended Mix Music Edit.

Extended Edit of the real time Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) shot at 60P on a Sony A7S3 with some very fast glass that shows how the Auroras from 11/4/2021 where pulsating and strobing.

The auroras where flashing in the night sky over central Minnesota and looked like a severe thunderstorm with a lot of lighting and even sprits flashing above the main lights. Also check out the several shooting stars in the video with the Aurora dancing in the sky.

This is a extended edit with a music mix with licensed music from Epidemicsounds.com
Songs mixed in this video are Cosmonaut by Pableno and Clouds Of Saturn by Brendon Moeller.

Music is copyrighted and used under license from Epidemicsounds.com
Video is copyrighted ©Doug Kiesling – StormChasingVideo.com

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