Halloween Snow, Barron County, WI – 10/31/2021

A strong cold front blasted through the area last night. This made for a blustery Halloween day. We had scattered snow showers this afternoon. Some of the snow did get to be on the heavier side, overall it was light snow, and flurries. This was our first snowflakes of the season in Barron County, WI. This video package will show the snow showers that moved through the area this afternoon.
Shot Description

Clip 1.Hand held shot of the snow falling during the heaviest time.
Clip 2. Looking across Red Cedar River with the snow falling, and the sun shining with some remaining fall colors.
Clips 3-5. Hand held shots of the very light snow falling.
Clip 7. Hand held close up shot of a pine tree with light snow falling.
Clip 8. Another hand held shot of light snow falling at a park

SID: Dirk Miller

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