Barron County, WI Strong Thunderstorm – 9/20/2021

Strong thunderstorms pushed through northwestern Wisconsin this late afternoon. Conditions were right for storms to go severe. However in Barron County they didn’t. The storm did produce a wall cloud and a low contrast funnel cloud. The storms also produced gusty winds, and heavy rain.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A line of strong thunderstorms starting to move in central Barron County. North of the city of Barron by about 4 miles.
Clip 2. A medium shot of the strong storm with two areas of interests. A wall cloud twos the left side of the frame.
Clip 3. A closer look at the wall cloud.
Clip 4. Looking at a different part of the storm.
Clip 5. Hand held shot of heavy rain fall, and strong winds.
Clips 6. Low contrast funnel cloud that didn’t last to long.
Clips 7 through 10. Cloud to ground lightning as the storms were pushing east out of the area.
Clip 11. A time-lapse before the line of storms got to my location between Barron, and Rice Lake, WI.

SID: Dirk Miller

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