Significant Straight-line Wind Damage, Eagan MN – 09/17/2021

A severe warned line of storms worked through the Twin Cities area just after 3 AM CDT on September 17, 2021. These strong storms produced straight-line winds around 65 to 70 mph, with pockets of likely 75+ mph winds possible across parts of the region. One of the hardest-hit areas being around Cliff Rd and Lexington Ave where in this area several large pine trees and hardwoods were snapped and blown over. Several homes had trees that had fallen on them with a handful of cars also being crushed by trees. The following video stretches about a 5-mile radius of this area where one of the pockets of significant damage occurred.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Gentlemen yelling to neighbor “It’s destroyed…it’s all gone” with large trees down in front of a townhome.
Shot 2-7: Clips of several large pine trees snapped and blown over. Shot close, far, and medium.
Shot 9-10: Couple clips of a large pine tree blown over in front of a home.
Shot 11-end: several clips of large trees down on homes and cars showing significant damage to parts of Eagan, Minnesota.

SID: Will Wight

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