Funnel Cloud, Hail And Lightning in Central Minnesota – 9/16/2021

Two tornado warned supercells tracked through Central Minnesota near Lastrup and Morrill, producing a funnel, rotation, hail, high winds, a shelf cloud and lightning.
Shot Description

0:00-0:58 Funnel descends near Lastrup, MN
0:58-1:17 Wall cloud near Lastrup, MN
1:17-1:52 Heavy rain, hail and blowing leaves near Morrill, MN on tornado warned storm
1:52-2:18 Hail shaft and rotating mesocyclone on tornado warned storm near Morrill, MN
2:18-2:30 Lowering under tornado warned storm East of Morrill, MN
2:30-2:37 Shelf cloud and green precipitation core
2:37-2:49 Driving in rain and lightning
2:49-3:23 Shelf cloud and high winds at sunset
3:23-3:48 Supercell storm with constant lightning just after sundown

SID: Melanie Metz

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