Tornadic Waterspout Comes On Shore, Port of Miami, FL – 6/29/2021

A large waterspout developed from a severe warned thunderstorm at approximate 5:15pm EDT offshore the Port of Miami Florida between Fisher Island and Virginia Key. Video shows a high contrast dark waterspout dancing between the two islands as it drifts into Virginia Key.
Shot Description

1,2,3,4) Wide, med and close shots overlooking Dodge Island at the Port of Miami Florida with the waterspout touching down in the water between Fisher Island and Virginia Key. Shot pans and zooms into a tighter shot showing the condensation funnel of the waterspout from cloud base to ocean.
5) Rain wrapped waterspout coming ashore Virginia Key.
6,7) Shots of skyline of Surf Side area of Miami looking NE.
8) South Beach and Government Cut in heavy rain and low dark clouds.
9,10) Cloud lowering over port’s south channel looking towards Virginia Key.
11) Heavy rain coming down over the Port of Miami with very dark low cloud base.

SID: Broadwave com

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