Full chase of the multiple tornadoes from the Benkelman Nebraska Tornado Outbreak – 5/26/2021

Full chase from first tornado forming near Benkelman and following it northeast as it drops multiple multi-vortex tornadoes and various shapes and sizes.
Shot Description
Benkelman Nebraska tornado beings to form ½ mile from town
3 miles northeast of Benkelman Nebraska tornado continues strengthening
Rapid motion in multi-vortex tornado
3 miles tornado widens and strengthens with 2nd tornado splitting from first.
Car races along the side of the tornado as it gets wider
Car races along the side of the tornado on mud road
Tornado gets taller and tighter
Tornado with visible debris and sun lite side while 2nd tornado forms and goes in front of it barely misses house
3 rd tornado forms next to roped out old one
Tornado continues to strengthen and change shape and sizes.
Now Rapid motion in multi-vortex tornado
Tornado now one as it tightens up and strengthens
Tornado video ends as a stout tornado with debris with debris

SID: Timothy Baker

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