Waterspouts off the coast of Key West, FL – 5/7/2021

Several waterspouts formed along a boundary that fired showers and thunderstorms just offshore and south of Key West Florida Friday morning. Remote HD camera video. No audio.
Shot Description

1) US, State of Florida, and Conch Republic flags flying at Mallory Square in Key West.
2) Storm boundary just offshore and south of Key West about to produce waterspouts.
3) Lowering point of budding waterspout on cloud line.
4) A funnel feature to left and forming waterspout on right.
5,6,7) Three shots of waterspout condensation funnel dropping down like a hose from the cloud base.
8) Funnel feature of developing waterspout south of Navy basin.
9) Deteriorating cloud boundary offshore Mallory Square Key West, Key West.
10) Sailboat coming into harbor just offshore Mallory Square, Key West.

SID: Broadwave com

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