CZ 5B Rocket Booster Tumbling In Orbit Over Longmont, CO – 5/7/2021

The very low orbit of CZ-5B resulted in a very fast pass over the Front Range as the rocket booster tumbled resulting in a flashing pattern approximately 1-2 days before it reenters Earth’s atmosphere at an unknown location. Following is video of a previous morning pass of the new Chinese space station, Tianhe or Heavenly Palace, that the booster launched into orbit on April 29th using the Long March 5B Rocket.
Shot Description

1. Wide tracking shot of CZ-5B rocket booster passing directly over Longmont, Colorado
2. Narrow fixed shot of variable flashing pattern
3. Wide shot of rocket body going behind tree at dawn
4. Narrow fixed shot of rocket body going behind tree
5. Fixed shot of rocket body rapidly lowering towards the horizon
6. Wide shot of rocket body peaking in and out between trees
7. Tianhe 1 appears at 3:57 AM prior to the rocket body which launched it
8. Narrow shot showing a stable orbit with no flashing
9. Narrow shot closer to horizon
10. Tianhe 1 disappears behind trees

SID: Terrence Cook

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